• What is an Instagram bot?

    Instagram bot is the best tool to attract real and targeted followers. Using the Instagram bot is much more affordable compared to other methods of increasing Instagram followers. Instagram follower increase bots save your time to attract followers to your page with interactive activities that they do for you on a daily basis.

    The Instagram bot is at your service 24 hours a day just like an Instagram admin, and it does the things you need to do to attract followers automatically. With the difference that the cost of an Instagram bot is very small compared to hiring an Instagram admin. Also, the capabilities of Instagram bots are much more than a simple Instagram admin.

    If you want to increase your page followers easily, the best option for you is to use the Instagram follower increase robot. But maybe you who are reading this article have these questions for you: What is the Instagram bot and how does it work? What are the advantages and disadvantages? How to download and activate Instagram bot? Where to find the best Instagram bot? And… don’t worry, in this article I am going to answer exactly these questions about the Instagram bot. So, if you want to learn more about the Instagram bot, be sure to stay with me until the end of this article.

    What is the Instagram bot and how does it work?
    How does the Instagram bot work?

    First of all, let’s see what Instagram bot is and how it helps us to increase our page followers. Instagram bot is a web application or mobile application whose main task is to perform a series of interactive activities such as liking posts, leaving comments under posts, sending direct messages to certain people, following certain people, etc.

    The Instagram bot performs these activities automatically for us 24 hours a day on behalf of our page. You might ask yourself, so what? How does this attract followers to our page? See, on Instagram, the first step to attract followers is to be seen. In fact, if you are visible to your target audience, they will realize that you exist and that you are active in their field of interest. For this reason, they are encouraged to follow your page.

    The Instagram bot is completely programmable and does exactly what you want it to do. For example, if your goal is to attract followers from a certain region or city, the Instagram bot will do this well for you. Or if you want to attract the followers of a particular page (Raghib’s page), you can set the robot’s activity to follow and unfollow only the followers of that particular page so that it can attract them.

    What activities does the Instagram bot do?
    In order to attract followers, the Instagram bot performs various interactive activities, which I will name and explain to you in this section.

    Bot to increase Instagram followers

    Automatic follow and unfollow
    Following and unfollowing people on Instagram is a way to make your page more visible. Usually, when you follow people, at least 70% of them follow you back. That means they also follow your page. Therefore, if you follow your target audience on Instagram, this will make people follow you who are interested in your business.

    Using the Instagram bot, you can follow specific people, that is, people who are your target audience, so that they will follow you back. Even the Instagram bot is able to unfollow those who have not followed you back so that your page’s followers do not increase spontaneously.

    Automatic liking of posts
    Another way to be seen more on Instagram is to like posts. If you like the page posts of your target audience, they will be curious about who you are, come to your page, and if they like your page, they will follow you. Through the Instagram bot, you can determine exactly which posts are liked. For example, if you are active in the field of selling cosmetics, you can program the robot to find posts with hashtags #makeup #beauty #fashion etc. and like only those.

    Leave an automatic comment under the posts
    You can introduce your page to others by leaving a comment. If you comment under posts related to your field of work, you can definitely attract targeted followers related to your business. Using the Instagram bot, you can find specific posts that have hashtags related to your business and post comments exactly under them. Of course, you can insert comments randomly and completely customized (with non-identical texts).

    Automatic direct mail to specific people
    Another feature of Instagram bots is sending messages to direct users, which will be done in a planned and automatic manner. When a user visits your page, the Instagram bot is able to send him a direct message automatically. In this case, you have the opportunity to encourage the user to follow your page with a welcome message in the first step. You should also know that the direct messages you prepare can be completely customized. You can also prepare several non-identical direct messages to randomly send them to users through the bot.


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